Thursday, January 14, 2010

Starting Goalie Duos vs. Starting RB Duos - A Blessing or Curse

Is it better to have a clear #1, or a solid tag team?  That's the question for today's poll and fan feedback.  Today's headlines got me thinking...

In the World of the Titans: Congratulations to Titans' RB Chris Johnson, who was named Offensive Player of the Year.  His amazing 2000+ yard season proved to be the a rare brightspot in this year's season.  This is one year off of last season, where Lendale White and CJ were "smash and dash", a two headed running threat that lead the titans to a 13-3 record.

In PredNation: John Glennon reports at the Tennessean that The Preds' Cant Afford a Two Goalie Luxury next season (though, as I pointed out earlier, we are far from screwed this offseason).  The article points out that both goalies Pekka Rinne and Dan Ellis are free agents at the end of the season, which means it may be hard to resign them.  This season Glennon points out that the Preds, currently #4 in the West, are only one of three team to have two goalies each win 10+ games in 20+ starts.

So Which is it, Sportsfans?  Does having two #1s = zero #1s?  Or do teams with depth win the day?

Personally, I think that depth is the key, and that home grown depth is the most important.  Injuries do happen (lets not forget about the Titans' playoff loss against the chargers last season).  Having a capable replacement is important.   For Predators fans, the financial realities of the team lead to a style that rewards hard working achievers over superstar talent.  Thus, a scheme with two #1s, but no superstars, is the recipe for success.  For the Titans, getting locked into superstar contracts can troublesome at best (see Vince Young's contract).

I could elaborate more, but I'd love to see your thoughts and the poll results.  So vote away!

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