Monday, January 18, 2010

If you like KENNY BRITT, you'll love PATRIC HORNQVIST

In their first full years, they have come on the scene, dazzled with flashes of offensive talent, and do not hesitate to go to the hard places and take a big hit... that's Titans' WR Kenny Britt and Predators' RW Patric Hornqvist.  One's a first round pick, the other was picked last.  Both are big parts of their team's future. Oh, and only one has a fan favorite nickname... check the differences section for that one. [EDIT:  This was published before this morning's announcement of Britt's 800+ traffic ticket arrest.  Timing is a funny thing...].

Britt had a very good rookie campaign.  Hornqvist has established himself as a staple of the Preds’ offense.  Here’s a great description from Chris Burton at On the forecheck:

"Hornqvist has given opposing goaltenders nightmares this season, continually parking in the crease and screening shots. ... As the old saying goes, good things happen when you go to the front of the net, and Patric has proven that repeatedly, even willing to stare down a Shea Weber slap shot.  Hornqvist has also shown impressive versatility, prospering with any line combination the coaches have placed him on. ...The combination of Patric's scoring touch and hustle won him a spot on the Swedish Olympic team, and are what makes him my choice for the Nashville Predators' 1st-half MVP."

Not convinced?  The rave reviews don't just come from the Nashville faithful.  Check out this great article from The Toronto Star as well.

  • Both are offensive players who are willing to pay a price to make good things happen.
  • Britt was first on the team in reception yards with 701.  Hornqvist is currently first on the team in goals with 19.
  • Both filled a role that fans demanded from their teams for years.  Britt was a big deep threat WR, while Hornqvist was a strong gritty winger who can plant in front of a goalie.  
  • Kenny Britt was a first round draft choice.  Hornqvist was MR. IRRELEVANT.  That's right, he was the LAST player taken in the 2005 draft.  Not bad for one of the Preds offensive stars and leading scorers.  You have to marvel at the Preds’ developmental system sometimes.
  • One’s from New Jersey, the other is from Sweden.  I’ll let you guess which one is which.  HINT: the Swede was nominated to play on that country’s Olympic team in the 2010 winter games.
  • Hornqvist always goes to the front of the net.  Britt has shown flashes of going over the middle.  Many, including myself, anticipate and expect Britt to step up more next season.
  • Shortening names is common in Hockey... Arnott is Arnie, Legwand is Leggy, Sullivan is Sully.  Hornqvist?  Well everyone calls him "Horny."
Anatomy of a Goal
Not convinced of the analogy?  Think you've got a better one?  Share it in the comments section below.

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  1. As an FYI, that quote up there is not Dirk's, but mine :).

  2. Apologies Chris! Its Fixed. A good learning lesson for me to double check everything. Keep up the good work.