Saturday, January 16, 2010

AOAG: Going to the Net - Why We Love Patric Hornqvist

PredNation, what a great win last night.  A fabulous defensive game ends in a big win for the Predators.  The 1-0 victory by the Predators, courtesy of a great defensive and goal tending game, and a gritty goal by my current favorite Predator, Patric Hornqvist.  

In this edition of Anatomy of a Goal, lets look at how Hornqvist's hard work and a timely defensive turnover to score the game winning (and only) goal of last night's game.

1.  The play starts with Hornqvist and Steve Sullivan, breaking into the zone.  Hornqvist dumps the puck down the boars, so that Sullivan can try to get past the defenders and play the puck.

[The play actually started before this with a great faceoff.  If you want a breakdown of why faceoffs are so important, check out this goal by J.P Dumont].

2. Sullivan loses the race to play the puck.  Hornquist sees this and breaks off his path to the net to curl back.  He instead will play the boards and attempt to force a turnover.

3. The Flame defender regains control of the puck, after Sullivan overskates it.  Hornqvist makes a quick play on the puck.  The play is enough force a turnover.

4.  The play of the play is the forced turnover.  Hornqvist gains control after the defender loses his footing (hahaha, oops!).  Hornqvist makes a quick pass to Sullivan, who has slipped below the goal line

5. Sullivan gets the pass behind the net, and Hornqvist makes a break toward the net.  His arrival won't be pretty when he gets there for either team...

6.  Notice that all three defenders are playing the puck.  [Bad things happen when too many defenders play the puck].  This leaves Hornqvist wide open to break to the net.

7.  Hornqvist gets a BEAUTIFUL NO LOOK BACKHAND PASS from Sullivan, tape-to-tape.  It his his stick and buries it in the net, right before he gets burried himself.  

[This is why Hornqvist is the the player that the Predators, he goes to the net and gets the gritty goals.  None of the pretty goals were going in this game.  Did you see the amazing saves from the full game highlights?].  

8.  Cruch.  Talk about paying the price.  But its worth it.  Goal.  Go Preds.  Gotta Love Hornqvist.

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