Monday, February 8, 2010

"Jump on Board" - Bandwagon Preds Fans Welcome

Love Peyton, Hate Payton... forget Peyton.  Football's over Nashville.  Until training camp starts back in August (ugh) theres only one show in town, and that is your Nashville Predators.  I absolutely LOVE the new marketing campaign the Preds have launched to highlight this theme... "Jump on Board".

Jump On Board...

The video is long, but the opening says enough: "While the leaves were falling, and you were watching football...".   The video continues with all the things that many Preds fans already know... this has been an exciting season so far.
"Jump on Board..." might officially end with the words "The Smashville Express", but thats not very veiled code for "the Predators Bandwagon."  I love it!

We are all about the Bandwagon fan here at Preds101.   I promise to continue that trend as the run-up to the playoffs continue.

Kudos to the Derek Perez and the new marketing team for doing an excellent job with this year's materials at highlighting the casual fan.

March to the Playoffs

In conjunction with the push, the Predators have released a "March to the Playoffs" ticket package, with tickets starting at $22.  March is a great month for hockey in Nashville, the majority of our games are at home, with several critical homestands against key opponents. The ticket package, of course, also gives you priority for playoff tickets.

The Poll

I think that the marketing team has already been successful this year, IMHO.  (In fact, according to my numbers, the Preds are 1% ahead of ticket sales last year, going into a very strong looking March).  However, marketing is most effective when coupled with a human element.  I've stressed that its up to PredNation to bring our Bandwagon friends into the fold.

So PredNation, how did you become a fan.  Please feel free to leave comments as well.

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