Saturday, February 6, 2010

If you like KYLE VANDEN BOSCH, you'll love JORDIN TOOTOO

Non-stop intensity, a visible passion for the game, a pesky instigator... that the type of game that both Kyle Vanden Bosch and Jordin Tootoo (RW, #22, 10 pts, 26 gms) unleash upon the opposition every game.  One main difference, Tootoo will drop the gloves and rearrange some faces when he has to.

Yesterday the Predators announced that Jordin Tootoo resigned with the Predators for 2 years, and $2.5 million.  This is great news for PredNation, as Tootoo is probably one of the most loved Predators of all time.

After the jump, I will describe why PredNation loves Tootoo, but I'm going to interject video's to prove the point. Don't worry, none are longer than a few seconds.

So what's the story with the whistles?  Any time you are at the Sommet Center, and you start hearing high pitch train whistles, you aren't going crazy.  That sound are to train whistles the fans blow to let the opposing team know that Tootoo is on the ice.  Believe me, players skate a little differently when they know there is a little ball of hate flying around, looking to knock them out of their skates.

Similarities:  Their similarities really begin and end with their playing style, which is just fine with me.  Both were drafted in 2001, though Tootoo (4th Round) was drafted by the Predators, and KVB (2nd round) was drafted by the Arizona Cardinals.

Differences:  KVB is known for his crazy-man red contacts.  Tootoo... well I suppose doesn't wear red contacts.

Tootoo dated American Idol and Country star Kellie Pickler in 2007.  KVB is married with three kids.

Tootoo is excited about staying in Nashville:  "I’ve said from day one I want Nash ville to be my home. I’m happy to be part of the team the next two years. It’s a great opportunity for me."

KVB, sadly, is not. When asked about how he felt about the prospect of not resigning with the Titans, he responded:  "It doesn't make me sad at all. I think I've had a great five years. I've had a great relationship with the coaches, the fans — it couldn't have gone better in Tennessee. But sometimes it is time to move on and better for both sides to go to a different place."


So, to summarize, why is Tootoo so important.  He, like Vanden Bosch, provide that energy and spark to light up both the team and the fans.  He's the type of player that can bring 17,000 people to their feet with one hit.  Plays like that change the momentum, and potentially the outcome, of any game.  Oh, and did I mention that he (before his recent injury) was turning into somewhat of an offensive threat as well?
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