Tuesday, March 9, 2010

This I Used to Believe – Introduction


Sorry again for the radio silence, as life continues to be busy.  One thing that we, as fans, should be grateful for is the pure depth and energy that are Predators bloggers.  It is a challenge coming up with unique stories, ideas, and points of view, or put another way, to add value to what is a very rich conversation.  I attempt to do that this week with a new several part piece, called “This I Used to Believe.”

This series of Posts gets its inspiration from two places, which both deserve credit.  First is AJ over at Pull My (Fang)Finger.  He has a great knack for multi-part posts, including the current and very good Callin’ It as I See It, and probably what is one of my all time favorite posts on the Predators: They Are Who We Thought They Were ... We Hope (Part 1 and Part 2). 

Second, This American Life is a top notch program, and I highly recommend that anyone who has a commute download a free episode to listen to.  They also have a weekly podcast available.  A while back they did a piece called “This I Used to Believe” (Episode Page) (Listen Here), which is a rip off of an old Edward R. Murrow piece titled “This I Believe”, in which people from across the world were asked to send in essays finishing that sentiment.  Tens of thousands were submitted, and only 200 made it to radio.

So there you have it... please enjoy part 1: This is OUR Time.

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