Tuesday, March 2, 2010

So What?: Big Monday Recap

Wow, so the Preds didn't waste any time post Olympic break getting back into the news.  Here's what you need to know about yesterday.  All that drama inspired a new segment at Preds 101, that I'll call "So What".

The Denis Grebeshkov Trade

The What?:  The following tweet by Preds' forward Steve Sullivan sums it up nicely:  @Sullivan26: "Really good addition! Welcome to Smashville Denis Grebeshkov. Hope we find a nickname for him really fast.....".  We acquired this Olympian from Edmonton for a 2nd round pick.

John Glennon has a quote from the D-man, describing his game: "I'm more of an offensive defenseman, not the kind of guy who's going to score lots of goals, but the kind of guy who can create plays,'' Grebeshkov said. "I think I'm good with the puck. My defensive side … that's the side I need to get some improvement in. But still, I don't think I'm bad defensively.''

The So What?:  DG's is similar to Dan Hamhuis in their age, experience, game style, etc.  One key difference is that Hamhuis is an unrestricted free agent at the end of the season, where DG is restricted free agent.  That means even if the Preds don't resign him, we can get draft picks in return.  Good move GM David Poile.  Does this mean that Hamhuis gets traded?  Most likely.   Would I be totally surprised if Poile wanted to keep every good defenseman on the planet on the Preds' roster... .... ... no, not really.

David Freeman Steps Aside as Predators Governor

The What?: The Predators have 9 owners, and David Freeman was governor of them, and was by far the most vocal and visible owner.  Preds fans love him.  Due to an ongoing dispute with the IRS over back taxes, however, the Nashville Sports Authority believes the Predators may be in default on one of their covenants of their lease.  To try to take the spotlight off of Freeman, he stepped aside.  Tom Ciggaran, of Healthways and AmSurg fame, steps in as Governor.  Today's Tennessean has a good recap.  

The So What?: Not a huge story.  The face of the ownership group might change for interviews, etc., but the running of the club will remain the same.

I tend to believe that he stepped aside due to the fact that the Sports Authority was imposing deadlines on when the tax lien could be resolved.  These deadlines were impossible for Freeman to make, considering the IRS controls that process.  It may be possible that that Freeman may technically be in default due to a loan he had to give the Predators.  He made this loan due to the fact that Boots' shares of the Preds are still in bankruptcy court.  I am ready for those shares to come out of court and back to the Predators (I'm sure the ownership group is as well). 

The Detroit Red Wings Beat the Colorado Avalanche

The What?: Oh man, don't look now, but the evil Detroit empire is only one point back in the standings.
The So What?:  Its going to be a fast month of important hockey.  We NEED to make it to 6th place, because playing San Jose or Chicago in the first round does not sound like as much fun as playing Vancouver.


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