Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Pizza, Hockey, Radio AND Flood Relief? Yeah, I'll See You Wednesday!


Hopefully you've heard about the two great events coming up.  Wednesday is SlapShot Radio's remote viewing party from Pie-in-the-Sky Pizza.  (More info at http://www.slapshotradio.com/) Its going to be a blast, for a great cause.  So yes, count me in. You should be there too.  PITS is a really good pizza place (personally I love the wings), so that should serve as enough of a draw, as is.  However, I just love the cause that Paul McCann is trumpeting, the inline rink rebuild.

I grew up on inline hockey (in my garage and on the street).  Without it, I don't ever become a hockey fan.  Countless others are probably in the same or similar boat.  So keeping the rink alive is a worthy and noble cause I believe in.

Hope to see you all there!

P.S. - I'm also planning to be at the Tin Roof next Monday, for The View from 111's fundraiser.  That promises to be a great event too, and I will post about that closer to time.

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