Thursday, December 17, 2009

Weekly Q&A: Submit Your Questions Now

A conversation I overheard at recent game inspired this new (hopefully) weekly segment: Hockey Q&A.

Friend 1: Why is the goalie slapping his stick on the ice?
Friend 2: Um.... Pretty's sure he's trying to motivate his team.  Like saying, "go get 'em, boys." Yup, thats it.
Friend 1: Oh ok.  Cool.

Not cool... soooo not cool. So go ahead and submit your questions to Later this afternoon I will answer Friend 1's question, and one question submitted by lucky reader this week.  Please remember, we love stupid questions too here at Preds 101.

Don't worry hard core hockey fans... there will hopefully be something for everyone.  Not only will I try to make the post funny and media filled, but I'll also try to include some random nuggests of info that everyone can appriciate.


  1. heres on for ya even though its not emailed to ya.. why would the preds organization allow %40 of thier team to come up on thier contract in the SAME year? To me thats just bad buisness,especially considering how well this years team is performing. I mean why gut the team??? Why put the fans through this again??

  2. So are you gonna tell everybody why the goalie was slapping his stick on the ice? :-)

  3. Hahaha, no kidding, right? The blog is ready, and will post Monday afternoon. The question I decided to go with, thanks anonymous, took a bit of research. Also, you know, busy holiday weekend.