Monday, June 28, 2010

Metro Sports Authority Disbands the Finance Committee... Will Reducing Rusty Lawrence's Power Help the Predators?

Buried in an otherwise troubling article about the potentially huge stuctural problems at LP Field, the Nashville Business Journal had this interesting tidbit from today's Metro Sports Authority Meeting:

Also today, the Sports Authority executive committee chose to disband its finance committee and leave fiscal oversight in the hands of the full, 12-member board. Finance Committee Chairman Rusty Lawrence opposed the move, arguing it would be foolish to abolish a layer of fiscal oversight given the Sports Authority’s complex legal arrangements with the Predators and Titans. Other members felt the committee and the full board were duplicating efforts.
Some of you may remember Rusty's thoughts about the Predators in the past.   There was the tax lien incident, which he used to try to extract some concessions from the predators, he's opposed some business opportunities, wanted larger cuts of the Preds revenue.  

Anyway, I'm not sure it makes a huge difference to Pred Nation, but its the off-season.  So any news is news, I suppose.  And seeing as my schedule acutally permitted me to post something (a huge rarity these days), I'd figured I spread the word.

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